By: Varsha Nekkanti


In our third blog post, we explained what the experience of testing our “proof of concept” of Bippy on an nine-year-old boy with ADHD was like. The main takeaway from this particular test was that, despite the voice of Bippy being automated, the boy emotionally responded to the computer screen. Additionally, he responded to Bippy verbally when we asked him questions, highlighting the impact that the presence of Bippy had on the boy.


At our current stage in product development, we are working to refine our prototype based on the adaptations we decided upon when testing. Once we complete this phase, our main focus is to get our physical product in the hands of elementary school children with ADHD in order to gain metrics on how much Bippy improves the focus of the student.


With our company being so early in the startup process, we are unsure of what the next few months might look like–let alone the next few years. However, our love for Bippy and passion for our company vision gives us the hope and tenacity to address any future challenges proactively and constructively. Our dream is that Bippy will revolutionize the learning experience for students with learning differences. Beyond addressing ADHD, we are thinking about expanding into addressing other learning differences in the future, such as dyslexia. We are excited about the future of Bippy ahead, and hope you are too!